A Closer Look

I read an article that said a true artist never stops working. Many artists stop, choose a different career path, and then return back to their artwork after retiring. I can’t imagine ever doing that. This is my life. Without it, I am nothing.

This past month has been full of events and shows. Most of my work is getting my pieces out there. I love seeing people’s reactions to my work and receiving feedback. I want my art to start conversation, to stir thoughts, to mix emotions, to send a message. After all of the craziness of this month, now I can return back to what I love most.

A closer look into my life is looking closer at my art. With every individual charcoal line, there is a story slowly unraveling. Line by line, minute by minute, hour by hour the blank canvas transforms itself into a masterpiece.

Blank Paper

My Work

As my last post mentioned, I have moved to a different studio location. Still in the City of Brotherly love, just a new environment. I am surrounded by so many artists and their work is all uniquely amazing. It has inspired me to make use of the rice paper that has been sitting in my cabinet (I definitely haven’t forgotten about it!)

Here is Fish, a new piece I just finished using ink and watercolor on rice paper:

Fish (2013)

A closer look into my life is looking at what I enjoy to keep around me: my art and good people. They keep me going, they push me forward. My artwork commonly stresses female empowerment and independence, but nothing’s wrong with having a boyfriend there for support!

               Adam Adam

In fact, nothing is wrong with it at all.

A closer look into my life is the same as looking into your own. What makes you grow? What makes you do the things you do? What drives you? What makes you you?