A Special Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all are spending time with loved ones and enjoying great food.

So it’s Thanksgiving. I guess it’s time for a typical Thanksgiving blog post. I can say I’m thankful for my friends and for my art, but I would rather take the time in this post to give a special thanks to you: my followers, my fans, my supporters. You bring meaning to my art and interpret what my drawings mean. Without you, nobody would see my art and my work would not have as much significance.

"Red Peace"

“Red Peace”

Here’s a special thanks to you, for coming out to see my work.

Philly RAW Artists

Philly RAW Artists

Here’s a special thanks to you, for sharing your feedback with me.

Woodbury FAF

Here’s a special thanks to you, for traveling this journey of life with me.

China Residency

Blaise Karl Antao - India Residency
Vrindavan Solanki - India Residency
Jag Mandir - India Residency

And here’s a special thanks to you, for making me feel like my art matters.

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours
Woodbury FAF
Happy Thanksgiving everybody. You will always have my most special thanks.