#AskAnastasia and HUGE News!

We often come across questions in life that make us stop and think. On my Facebook page, I’ve encouraged people to ask me any questions that they have regarding my art, my life and really anything else they could think of. Thank you to all who have submitted questions to #AskAnastasia. Find out the lucky three I’ve chosen to answer below!

Q: “What is your preferred paper to work on and where do you get it?”

A: I get my paper from Daniel Smith, an online fine arts materials outlet. I typically like the Coventry Rag paper, but they come out with a lot of new kinds of paper all of the time that I like to experiment with. It’s very affordable and they make their own paper.

Blank Paper

Q: “Could I get a t-shirt silk screened of your work I purchased?”

A: People have asked me this before. I’ve looked into putting my artwork on apparel, but unfortunately I haven’t found the right venue to silk screen my art yet. I’m looking for a high-quality venue that can represent my art and all the symbols associated with it well. There are also business factors that come into play too, like how many people would actually be interested in purchasing.

Q: “Artistically, what are you afraid of?”

A: Good question! I guess the fear of not fully seeing what I draw, like if it’s right or wrong. I fear if my imagination were to ever stop working or whatever it is that keeps my artistic juices flowing stopped, what would happen? Burnout is something very real when pursuing art as a full-time profession. It’s not like another job where you can repeat training or have someone remind you how to do something. I’m afraid of not evolving as an artist too, of becoming a slave for what everyone else wants to see. I never want my art to be fully about the people, I want it to be true to the style I have and the messages I want to share. I don’t want to draw just to make money. I want it to be for me and for those who can be inspired from it.


If you’re interested in finding out more about me, feel free to leave more questions on this post! And don’t forget to ‘Like’ my Facebook page. This went well and I’m looking forward to doing another round of #AskAnastasia.

Also, I’d like to proudly announce that I am completely renovating my website! Thanks to everyone who has critiqued my current, old site. Without your opinions, I wouldn’t have been able to create this beauty! It should be published sometime this week. Stay tuned!

Website Reconstruction