Goodbye Summer

My recent venture to Pittsburgh’s 17th Annual Shadyside Art Festival, like any undertaking, was an experience worth having. I was given the opportunity to reconnect with many friends and artists from my time in Florida and was able to learn a great deal about the city itself. I also was given the opportunity to have my art featured on the local news station. (View more pictures of the Shadyside Art Festival from the Howard Alan Events Facebook page here!)
08_23_14 Shadyside Pitt08_23_14 Shadyside Pitt2Those who have viewed my latest pieces have noted an atmosphere different than that of my previous work. Perhaps a sharper edge that reflects a sort of maturation; a loss of innocence. It’s a transformation we all must undergo as we learn that we cannot depend on everyone, even those that we believe we can trust. It’s crucial that we come to recognize those in our lives that we can truly rely on and allow our experiences to guide us through our future endeavors.
A drawing in progress

A drawing in progress

For me, the future is never definitive. However, I’ve recently come into contact with musician, who would like to use my 2010 drawing “Reach” for an upcoming project. Her career is only just beginning – the first of many exciting stages of a journey. To follow your passion is a difficult but rewarding decision.

"Reach" 2010 - Charcoal

“Reach” 2010 – Charcoal

The musician discovered my work through Starry Night Retreat, a program which I participated back in 2010 that allowed me to travel to New Mexico and create art. With summer ending, I’m thinking about what this winter holds and planning a trip to return to the west coast to attend several different art fairs. To do this, I’m planning on hosting a Kickstarter in October. As I work out the details I hope to have my fellow bloggers and followers support my work.

As always, I’m very grateful to you all.