There’s something about the chill in the air that reminds me of the wild. Creatures prepare for hibernation in the forests just as the pre-holiday rush engulfs our own domain. It is our last attempt to collect both our necessities and luxuries before the long lull between seasons. Yet, I seem to find myself most captivated by the ideas drifting through my mind. My task is to understand and structure these thoughts, and as I express them to others through images, I feel a tranquility that would rival the deepest sleep. I hope to spend the next few weeks doing exactly that.
Life, whether it is chaos or calm, is meant to be lived with purpose – but I believe that purpose is of our own design. With the steady flow of sales and festival circuits beginning to slow, I am remembering that art is not simply my career. Drawing is the key to my sanity. It is my lifeblood and my purpose. I am eager to continue down this path and so lucky to have all of you with me.