“Kickstarting” the New Year

Happy new year everyone! Hope everybody survived their new year’s eve and are sticking to their resolutions!

Anastasia NYE 2015As mentioned a few months ago, I have been working on a Kickstarter to help me raise funds for my trip this winter. The Kickstarter is now live and I urge you to take a look and consider supporting me. Visit my Kickstarter campaign here!

Kickstarter #GoAnastasiaGOFrom the funds raised, I plan on purchasing a Scamp trailer to take on the road. A Scamp trailer is a lightweight, aerodynamic travel trailer/small camper. As an artist, I travel across the country to share my work with others, participate in art festivals and fairs and move to transport my work to different exhibitions. In the past, I have had difficulties with housing but I know that this “mobile studio” can help solve this problem.

From scamptrailer.comThis upcoming February, I have been accepted to over 10 of the top art festivals through October. As I venture across the US, I will need more than just a tent to sleep in. (I’ve also tried the “sleeping in my car method.” It never works out too well…)

Map Winter Trip 2015Not only will I be able to sleep soundly in the camper, but I will also be able to sleep safely. I’ve dealt with many different arrangements and not all of them are the most secure. I’ve even come close to alligator encounters!

Most importantly, having this trailer will allow me to continue making my art on the road. When I’m gone for months at a time like this, it’s extremely challenging to find a place to set up my materials and draw. I usually find myself waiting for the entire trip to end until I’m back at my studio in Philly. This mobile studio will help me create more art and continue to inspire people.

Anastasia in India ResidencyLiving on the road can be hard, especially for an artist. On top of homesickness, the pain of not creating really takes a toll on me. I am always in my studio making art: starting sketches, finishing up drawings, doodling, trying new things… When days go by and I’m not creating, it’s tough for me emotionally to stay motivated. To be without art is to be without air. If I can’t draw and share my art with others, I’m not sure where my place is in the world.

At the ripe age of 31, this isn’t a phase of the young-hearted art student who romanticizes the need to create. I’ve been doing this for over nine years and live off of my artwork. I know how difficult it is to stay on the path of being a full-time artist and how impossible it seems to continue doing it for my entire life. None of this matters though. Art is my everything.

It’s going to be a challenge to be on the road for so long, but I’ve been down longer roads in my career and I know I can get through it. (I just need a camper to help me along the way!)  

Anastasia CO FiatSo again, please consider showing your support by donating to my Kickstarter. Even just sharing my crowdfunding page will help spread the word! Below are some images of prints and original drawings you can receive from donating to my cause. Be sure to check out my Kickstarter page for more details:   ——-

Eyes 2015 Alexandrin

“Eyes” (2015) Charcoal by Anastasia Alexandrin

Moon Face 2014 Alexandrin

“Moon Face” (2014) Charcoal by Anastasia Alexandrin

"Ohitika" (2012) Charcoal by Anastasia Alexandrin

“Ohitika” (2012) Charcoal by Anastasia Alexandrin

A Portrait of Your Child by Anastasia Alexandrin

A Portrait of Your Child by Anastasia Alexandrin

An Image of You in My "Zero Gravity" Drawing by Anastasia Alexandrin

An Image of You in My “Zero Gravity” Drawing by Anastasia Alexandrin

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