Moving On Up: From the U.S. to Canada

Last week, I took a trip to Canada to celebrate my birthday that passed. How great it is to get away from the city and embrace nature for a bit.

ImageGetting ready for my vacation to Canada, I didn’t feel too good. I had to get blood work to see what was wrong. Turned out I managed to get food poisoning! Just my luck! I still decided to get away to the trip I planned.

I stayed on the mountain of Mount Tremblant and it was beyond gorgeous. Such a sight to see! Everything leading up to the vacation just made the trees and the water that much more beautiful.

Image ImageThese health problems are a constant battle for me, but I use them as challenges to overcome and make me stronger. Perhaps that’s why I find such beauty in self-empowerment… who knows? It’s fascinating thinking about what influences our interests: Why do we like what we like? Why do we dislike what we dislike? What drives our passion? What drives us to continue on through all of the battles?

ImageIf we keep on fighting through the tough times, we will eventually come out on top.


ImageI like to think of events I have coming up during tough times. Nothing wrong with a bit of optimism! It reminds me that I have things to look forward to (even if I feel like I am going to die as I lay in bed with food poisoning.) If you have been reading up on my Facebook page (, then you should know that I am one of the artists involved in POST 2013!

ImageI just received flyers for the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, sponsored by Made in Philly. The flyers show the work that is being featured in a bus shelter on 7th & Market in Philadelphia. For more information on POST, please visit

ImageTaking a trip up north was a nice way to “move up” in a physical sense, but how do we move on up to our dreams? How do we get to where we want to be, where we envision ourselves?

ImageWell, all we can do is follow our hearts, live on our passion and never give up.