Fair Game

I hope everyone had a good holiday and a happy new year! 2013 went by quickly didn’t it? I tried coming up with a resolution for 2014, but after thinking about it I came up with a whole list! Where … Continue reading

Two Weeks Too Long

The holidays are an extremely stressful time. And why wouldn’t it be? We all have the pressure of finding gifts for the ones we love, to show just how much we care. It can’t just be any gift either. It … Continue reading

“RAW” Talent

This past Thursday, RAW: Natural Born Artists had the 2013 Philadelphia RAWards: Semifinals at LiT UltraBar. Three artists from each category, ranging from visual art to fashion design, competed to be named the artist of the year for the Philadelphia … Continue reading

A Special Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all are spending time with loved ones and enjoying great food. So it’s Thanksgiving. I guess it’s time for a typical Thanksgiving blog post. I can say I’m thankful for my friends and for … Continue reading

Time Flies

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post, but thank you all for your patience! Ever since my break of events, I’ve fully delved myself in my art. To think that it’s almost Thanksgiving is crazy. Where does … Continue reading

A Closer Look

I read an article that said a true artist never stops working. Many artists stop, choose a different career path, and then return back to their artwork after retiring. I can’t imagine ever doing that. This is my life. Without … Continue reading

On the Move

You’d think that after attending 13 different schools before graduating high school and after all of the traveling I’ve done all over the world, I would be used to moving. I recently moved out of my old studio and into … Continue reading

Imagine All the People

This past weekend I got to participate in the Woodbury Fall Arts Fest and let me tell you, it was a blast! I met so many interesting people and got to share my work with lots of new fans. One … Continue reading

Moving On Up: From the U.S. to Canada

Last week, I took a trip to Canada to celebrate my birthday that passed. How great it is to get away from the city and embrace nature for a bit. Getting ready for my vacation to Canada, I didn’t feel … Continue reading

Where Will My Art Take Me?

Hello Followers! I am Anastasia Alexandrin, a professional fine artist based in Philadelphia, PA. In my blog, I want to show you how I work, what inspires me, the things I see and of course my finished pieces. Monarch (2013) … Continue reading

Every artist wa…

Every artist was once an amateur. – Ralph Waldo Emerson