Two Weeks Too Long

The holidays are an extremely stressful time. And why wouldn’t it be? We all have the pressure of finding gifts for the ones we love, to show just how much we care. It can’t just be any gift either. It has to be the PERFECT present.

On top of the holiday shopping, we have to continue to work and make money for these “treasures.” Where do we find the time to truly celebrate the holiday and just relax with the ones we love?

As my last post mentioned, earlier this month I was busy preparing for the RAW: natural born artists Indie Underground Philly Showcase. I have been honored with the title of the 2013 RAW Visual Artist of the Year for Philadelphia. Sadly, I did not win the national title for the ‘Visual Art’ category, but I am proud to have been a semifinalist. The winner was Jennifer Hanson, an artist representing San Francisco. (Congrats if you’re reading this!) To view her work and to find more information about the other winners of the 2013 RAWards, please visit

2013 Philly RAWards: Semifinals

A week after RAW, I was one of the vendors at the Punk Rock Flea Market, hosted by r5 Productions ( Even though it was FREEZING, it was worth it!

Punk Rock Flea Market Winter 2013
Punk Rock Flea Market Winter 2013

I really love seeing people’s reaction to my art. I have some prints left, so if you are interested please feel free to email me at “Horned Girl” is a top seller and I seem to keep forgetting to order more prints of it than I usually do. So many things on my mind! It makes it so difficult to keep up with everything.

Horned Girl

How do you relax when you know you have a million things to do? I’d love to hear what everyone does. Yes, I have my art. But it is my job, and sadly as a professional fine artist I ironically only have about 10% of my time to actually draw. I wish I had more time. But doesn’t everyone?

(What’s one thing I ALWAYS have time for? Tea!!)

Tea Tea2

Below are collages I used to do for fun a few years ago. (No one has ever seen these before!) Sometimes it’s good to do something different to free your mind. This was my way of doing it.



I’m so sorry this post has been delayed. It has been two weeks too long, and I hope you all understand. I also hope you all have more time to spend with the ones you care about than I do. There’s so much to do during the holiday season. Go out and explore! Experience what the world has to offer.